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Logitech discontinues Harmony universal remotes

Recently, Logitech announced on their support page that they – effective immediately – will no longer manufacture Harmony universal remotes. While the Harmony remotes have been widely considered to be the best (and most user friendly) universal remotes available in the market, and therefore have been very popular among Home Theater enthusiasts, the market for such remotes has been constantly decreasing over the last recent years – also driven by more and more end-users completely focusing on video streaming, and consequently using a much simpler Home Theater setup than before, now mainly consisting of TV, audio system and streaming device only. So, while being a very popular product line, it’s little surprise that the Harmony universal remotes only had a very small share in the overall Logitech portfolio (and revenue stream).

According to the announcement, Logitech stops manufacturing of Harmony remotes immediately, but the devices will continue to be available through various retailers as supplies last. Also, Logitech plans to continue to support the devices, including end-user access to the related software and apps, as well as continued updates to the Harmony platform and database(s). This actually means, that Harmony universal remotes should continue to work for quite some years to come – which we at SmallBiz IT consider to be good news.

So, if you still have any home theater setup, where you are using quite a variety of different remotes, this may be a good point in time to finally get one of the best universal remotes out there…