Our Service Portfolio

Solutions for Residential Customers

We care for your (personal) IT

Despite our company name, showing our primary focus on Small Businesses, we also proudly provide IT and Tech Services to residential customers.

While business customers obviously have an ongoing need for a proper maintenance of their IT systems, many of the services we provide to them also apply to residential customers and end-users. In addition to Computer Support and Networking, we also – and specifically for residential customers – compiled a set of Tech Support services for the areas of Smart Home and Home Theater systems.


IT support and consultation often requires physical presence at the customers' location. We only accept business if we can easily 'stop by in person'.


IT setups vary customer by customer. That's why you deserve to have a dedicated contact for all your IT needs.


Our offering is designed to exactly cover your specific needs, so you only pay for what you really need.

For residential customers, we offer services in these categories: